Impact of music

Music plays a vital role in the socialization of children and adolescent. Music is one of the most common things in everyone’s everyday life. Music is man’s desire to express his feelings. People find music makes sounds and brain eventually synchronize. Music has both good and bad influences on us. It is varied that genres are produced created over, remixed, combined, or transformed each generation.

People use music to better coherent their journey through life. This is a universal means of communication, surpassing cultures, languages, countries and time. For some people music is their life’s achievement and scope. Music is also a means of fighting global issues such as hunger, disease, intolerance, poverty, global warming or even war. In some cases, people use music as their weapon to counteract the violence. Music has an important role in education. It is used by academic institutions to generate acceptance of small children to teach them about team effort.

Music is used as a vessel for promoting and informing about the general issues that affect teen life. Music helps the students to develop a strong personality by overcoming their fears, shyness and inferiority complex. Music can also negatively influence society by destructive habits like drug abuse, violence and promotion of money.

Music is related to negative attitudes because they are easily integrated by the society. Music is used to promote a variety of services that the society may never know how good or bad. They simply attracted by a catchy tune or a beautiful singer. Music is very important to human emotions and psyche. Music is easily committed with events in our daily life. Musicians are trying to shape the youth generation through the music. Musicians have become to be one of the most desired occupations. It gives both the freedom of speech and of exploring the world. Popular music is present almost everywhere and it is easily accessible to everyone through radio or various recordings.

New technologies allow adolescents to hear music in various settings and situations. Lyrics and use of substances in music videos might produce significant changes in attitudes of youth. Parents should be aware of this information. They are often unaware of lyrics of the songs that the children hear. Parents should take a stand regarding music lyrics. Research done by experts on music has proved the effect on social interactions, mood and behavior of the children.