How to play DVD movies on your Nintendo Wii

In the holiday season just gone, the Big N’s little white nintendo wii console deals was dominant in the competitive environment. With some excellent titles, such as the Super Mario Galaxy, Resident Evi 4: Wii Edition, Boom Blox. Mega Man 9, Mario Kart Wii, and World of Goo were some of the most popular games this holiday season. To understand the games that are included in the must-have list, you must refer to the Game Pro’s list of The 28 Wii Games. Since their launch in 2006, the Nintendo Wii have appealed the population due to its family-friendliness and the lower price tag. Nonetheless, game lovers have always found the Nintendo Wii a little amiss with something lacking.

Comparing with cheap ps3 for sale, several reasons, such as lower graphic capabilities, limited adult games, weak online forums, and the non-availability of the DVD movie playback feature have been detrimental. These have encouraged the twenty-year-old individuals to prefer another console over the Nintendo Wii. However, the recently discovered Homebrew Channel has proven favorable for the Wii.

For some of you it may be old news but for those individuals who wanted the Nintendo Wii to enable users to play games and watch movies, this has become easier now.

This can be achieved by installing the Homebrew Channel, which is followed by installing the DVD player.

STEP 1: Copy the private directory of the Twilight Hack on to the inserted SD memory card in the reader. In addition, users need to copy the Homebrew Channel “boot.dol” file.

STEP 2: Delete the Zelda saved file on the Wii File Manager after inserting the SD card in the Wii. If you want to save you game, you need to copy the game on the SD memory card and then re-paste it after you complete installing the HBC.

STEP 3: Before you insert the Zelda in your Wii, jot down the text written on the inner ring on the flip side of the Wii. The text will either mention “RVl-RZDE-0A-0” or “RVl-RZDE-0A-2”. Irrespective of the code, both versions are compatible. However, you must apply the right hack, which include TwilightHack0 for RVl-RZDE-0A-0 and TwilightHack2 for RVl-RZDE-0A-2.

STEP 4: Open the SD view within the Wii File Manager, and then copy the right version of the hack.

STEP 5: Inserting the Zelda game disc, you should be able to start the game. Users must be able to see the Twilight Hack saved game. Select the game to commence it. After getting control Link, walk backwards until the HBC installer starts. It takes a few minutes to install the HBC, once installed you can access it similar to any other channel on the Nintendo Wii.

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